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Expand your horizons with additional flight ratings

No matter what your reasons are, the fact is you want to experience the freedom of flying to the fullest extent. We offer a number of flight ratings to further your knowledge and expertise as a pilot, increase your credentials, and reduce your restrictions in the air. When it comes to Adventure Flying with Lake Country Airways, the thrills and rewards are endless!

Single Engine IFR

With your Single Engine Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) rating, comes the advanced knowledge of avionics and your airplane's instruments needed to navigate through and above clouds without visual reference to the ground. This course uses both the flight simulator as well as actual flight time to cover IFR procedures, meteorology, instruments, radio and radar systems, and navigation. Pilots who earn an IFR automatically receive VFR Over-the-Top privileges.

For complete IFR rules see CARs 421.46 (group 3)

Night Rating

Flying in the dark is a whole different realm of Adventure Flying. Sunset and nighttime flying can be some of the calmest, most peaceful time in the air. When you obtain a Night Rating you can enjoy spectacular scenery and smooth air without the pressure of having to land before the sun goes down. Obtaining this rating from Lake Country Airways improves your instrument skills and allows you to fly under VFR conditions at night.

For complete requirements see CARs 421.42

50-Hour Bush Pilot Package

The 50-Hour Bush Pilot program is for the pilot who is serious about Adventure Flying and wants to stand out as an experienced pilot capable of navigating the toughest conditions and terrains. Especially designed for those wishing to advance their floatplane flying skills, it equips you with all the necessary training for a confident beginning: fifty hours of extensive seaplane training, bush camp experience, survival skill concepts, and ample solo flight time.

VFR Over-the-Top

With a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Over-the-Top endorsement you can improve your skills and gain more instrument time. This endorsement permits you to utilize instruments and radio navigation skills to navigate through the air in less-than-perfect weather-thus expanding your flight limitations and presenting more opportunities for getting into the air for Adventure Flying.
For complete VFR Over-the-Top rules see CARs 602.116.


C-172 on wheels is $155/hr solo

C-172 on floats is $215/hr solo

Add Pilot/Instructor - $65

Contact Us for more details.

All costs plus applicable taxes
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