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Leave the Wheels Behind and Discover the Freedom of Floats

At Lake Country Airways we specialize in Adventure Flying with floats. Here, you will learn in real-life conditions from high time charter floatplane pilots at our unique waterfront location. Uniquely situated on Lake St. Johns in the heart of Lake Country we're surrounded by hundreds of beautiful Ontario lakes and close to limitless wilderness locations.

We offer a basic float endorsement/seaplane rating with the Discover Float Flying Package. For further experience Advanced Float Training is available. And the 50-hour Bush Pilot Package is for those looking for extreme adventure and outstanding credentials. We also offer customized training packages to suit individual needs.

All initial training takes place on one of our Cessna 172s which is equipped with a 160 hp engine and Edo floats. Advanced training takes place on either or C172s or a Cessna 185.

With our prime location, our first-rate instructors, and a fleet fit for any quest, Lake Country Airways is outfitted to offer you Adventure Flying at its finest.

Foreign pilots are welcome.

Discover Float Flying Package

Pilots can earn a float endorsement quickly and conveniently with our seven-hour "Discover Float Flying Package." This all-inclusive course offers ground instruction and flight training in take offs and landings, including crosswind and glassy water techniques, sailing, taxiing, docking and procedures for remote lake approaches and departures.

We offer float endorsement at both Lake St. John and Constance Lake.

From Lake St. John (Ramara)
All Inclusive 7 hour Discover Float Flying Package $1,995.00

From Ottawa Constance Lake (Ottawa)
All Inclusive 7 hour Discover Float Flying Package $2,250.00

*Prices Include All Flying and Ground Instruction.

All costs plus applicable taxes

Advanced Float Training Package

Our Advanced Float Training package is for those wishing to gain further experience or to advance your skills as a float pilot. This package includes a basic float endorsement, training in advanced float flying techniques, actual bush camp experience, and survival skill concepts. With it, you can gain the knowledge and skills required to operate our Cessna 172 and become acquainted with the Cessna 185 as well. Develop your skills and get the experience float plane operators are looking for with the Advanced Float Training package.

Contact Us for more details.

Float training is also available from our Constance Lake location in Ottawa.

All costs plus applicable taxes
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