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Learn to fly for fun in Orillia

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Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP)

Get started on your Flying Adventure with minimal cost and time commitment by earning a recreational pilot permit at Lake Country Airways. Even full-time working professionals can achieve their dream for flying in less than a year with our pay-as-you-go, personalized recreational flight training program. Now you can prepare to conquer the challenges of Adventure Flying and explore the Canadian wilderness by earning your Recreational Pilot Permit on wheels or floats. Can you feel the thrill of flying alone-or better yet, with a friend-into the great unknown?

Lake Country Airways offers adventure-oriented flight instruction from pavement, grass, and water at one convenient location. We specialize in float flying. All RPP flight training can be completed on wheels or floats.

RPP Privileges
  • Fly single engine aircrafts
  • Fly anywhere in Canada
  • Fly in daylight under Visual Flight Rules (VFR)
  • Carry one passenger on up to 4-seat-capacity aircrafts
  • Can obtain float rating
  • Flight training hours can be credited toward a Private Pilot Licence in the future

RPP Requirements
  • 16 years of age to obtain a RPP, but training and solo flights can begin at age 14
  • Category IV Medical Certification is required and can be obtained through your family physician
  • 15 hours DUAL flight training minimum
  • 10 hours SOLO flight training minimum
  • Although ground school is not required, it is highly recommended for the safe handling of aircraft and successful completion of the written exam
  • Successful completion (60% or higher) of the Written Exam-administered at any of the Transport Canada Examination Centres. This test requires proven knowledge in four areas: Air Law, Navigation, Meteorology, and General Aeronautics.
  • Successful completion of Transport Canada Flight Test administered on site by approved examiner


C-172 on wheels is $155/hr solo

C-172 on floats is $215/hr solo

Add Pilot/Instructor - $65

Contact Us for more details.

*Minimum pay-as-you-go cost plus applicable taxes

Most students exceed Transport Canada minimum times. The actual cost of each student will vary with individual progress. Transport Canada fees and Medical fees are extra.
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All of us at the Orillia Rama Regional Airport are looking forward to serving you in this new and exciting way.