Our Planes

We have a fleet of five float equipped aircraft comprised of three different types that can meet your individual needs. Three of them have Amphibious Floats, that is, they have wheels that can extend below the floats to enable the aircraft to land on a runway as well as on the water.

De-Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

Our most interesting Float Plane is the venerable De-Havilland DHC-2 Beaver known worldwide for it’s unique capabilities and suitability for operating into and out of small lakes.  We have 2 Beavers, both on amphibious floats, so we have the ability to pick you up and deliver you to almost anywhere there is water or a runway.  There is seating for up to 7 passengers with a maximum weight of 850 pounds, including baggage, depending on the length of the trip.  There is ample baggage area, so load up the golf clubs or cottage needs.

Cessna 185

We have 2 Cessna 185’s, another workhorse of the North.  One of our 185’s has amphibious floats and is the perfect fit for smaller parties of 1-3 looking to escape the city from downtown Airports.  We can fly you directly to your cottage or the golf course.
These are also great aircraft to fly into one of our remote camps for superb fishing or an adventure filled family weekend.

Cessna 172

Our smallest aircraft, the Cessna 172, is perfect for sightseeing tours and our famous Fly & Dine trips.  With seating for 2 (or 3) passengers with a maximum weight of 400 pounds, it’s the most economical way to experience all the area has to offer.